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Daily Meals & Snacks

Love & Care prioritizes the nutritional needs of all children, with the understanding that proper nutrition affects cognitive development and supplies children with the energy they need to get the most out of their day! Which is why Love & Care utilizes the services of Good Food Company.

Love & Care serves 3 meals a day all included. A full breakfast, snack and full lunch daily.


Dietitian approved! Good Food Co. received an outstanding report after the completion of a food analysis, looking specifically at the menu and recipes. Good Food Co. provides a varied meal plan that includes balance, eye appeal, familiar taste, good portions, and adequate daily intake of nutrients in accordance with UDSA guidelines.

Accommodations for food allergies, vegetarians, and other food restrictions are possible. Please discuss need accommodations with Love and Care staff. 


Good Food Co. acknowledges that food allergies in children are common and have taken steps to ensure the safety of their kitchen. Good Food Co. is a peanut free facility. Additionally, for full transparency, Good Food Co. provides a comprehensive food list to all schools, including ingredients in each recipe on the menu. 

Food Sourcing

Good Food Co. prioritizes local seasonal ingredients in their recipes. Milk is sourced from dairies that do not use bovine growth hormones This is what sets them apart- their dedication to seeking healthier options! 


All meals and snacks are included in the price of tuition. If you have a child under 12-months, please discuss feeding patterns and options with your child’s teacher; they will work with you to develop a plan once your child is ready to transition to school provided meals, until then we ask that you provide food and milk/formula.  Love & Care supports nursing mothers by providing an easily accessible private space for nursing, as well as the capacity to store fluid or frozen milk.