Teaching Toddlers

We know that toddlers can be very active.  At Love and Care teachers will guide your toddler to use that energy in various areas such as:

  •  Motor Skill Development – rolling, crawling, walking, dancing
  •  Languages Development – building an early vocabulary and recognizing  letters     and numbers
  •  Music and Movement – dancing, singing, outdoor play
  •  Social Development – large and small group activities, sharing, manners, etc.
  •  Artistic Development – art projects

As infants mature, teachers will encourage them to explore the world around them. Our teachers get to know each child and are able to guide toddlers through age appropriate activities that will interest the child, such as: manipulative play, arts and crafts, water and sand play, book exploration, small group interactions to work closely with your child for perfecting developmental tasks, and large group circle times.  All these activities create unique experiences that will pave the way for lifelong learning experiences.

As with the infant room, the toddler classroom is divided into general interest areas that meet children’s need to move and explore.

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Love and Care Child Development Center has been serving District of Columbia families since 1999. We care for children 6 weeks to 4 years old.


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