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Infant Care

At Love Care, our loving staff knows just how precious your little ones are. That’s why we do everything we can to make them feel happy and safe. The teachers stimulate the infants senses and give them the perfect environment to learn and grasp small items, vocalize sounds and so forth. Teachers play simple games like peekaboo or read books in order to begin the foundational work for later learning. The infants’ development is reinforced without disruption in their daily schedules.

We help infants grow in areas such as:

  • Language development – using books, songs, and activities
  • Cognitive development – using activities like repetitive play, hide and seek, games, and various toys that are developmentally appropriate.
  • Motor Skill development – using toys that infants can pull and push, tummy time, etc.
  • Sensory development – you will find various textures and materials throughout the infant room that infants can feel and experience
  • Rest and nap time

As with all of our classrooms, the room is divided into general interest areas that meet an infants need to move, explore, or simply relax. Each child has his or her own crib, blankets etc. We have various procedures in place for the health and safety of your child, such as a booties policy, monitoring cameras throughout, proper ratios and so on.  Everything we do is to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment for your child.